N-R-P @ the European Championship 2017

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Previous week the European Championship large scale offroad was helt in the United Kingdom on the astro-turf track called Nene Valley Raceway. It was a challenging week for the Ultron drivers to find the setup with not that much expirience compared to the other teams. Weather was changing everyday from a dry track back to a wet track and step by step all the ultron cars improved.

After qualifying the first Ultron runners in the 1/8th f...inal were Adam Ellis and Melanie Visser. Adam started on pole and got a decent gap and was cruising to victory, untril Adam did not see a beached car on the main straight and collided full speed. Adam his race was now compromised and retired from the race. Due to this Melanie bumped up from P4 to P3 bumping up towards the 1/4th final.

1/4th final b: 3 ultrons were in this race and only 3 could bump up to the semi finals. This would be a huge challange for Henk Mulder, Michael Keinemans and Craig Orman. With a drying track it was Craig Orman who took the lead and was cruising to victory, Michael Keinemans was struggling with the setup on this drying track and was in the fight for P3. Henk closily behind Michael had to retire from the race when a wishbone-clip had come off. Still leading the race, Craig lost his focus, rolled the car and the engine shut down. By the time the marshal got to his car Craig allready lost too much time dropping back to 4th. Order remained like this and race over.
1/4th final a: 2 ultrons, brother & sister Nick and Melanie Visser were up for the challange. Melanie could not keep up with the pace up front and decided to run her own laptimes. Nick was in the fight for P3 up to the last lap, finishing withing 1 second from P3 but sadly this is not enough to bump towards the semi finals.

Semi final: With only 1 Ultron left in this competition it was Tim Vander Elst who kept his head down and finished 4th in his Semi Final, bumping up to the main final.

Main Final: Tim started in P7, we made a few more last tweaks to the car for the final but inexpirience on the astro turf with this car made it hard to fight for the podium. Tim drove a save race as he wanted to reach the chequered flag. Eventually crossing the line in P6.

** During the week we learnt a lot setup wise for astro turf. It was nice to see all Ultron customers on track (and even spectating). The positive about this week is that reliability on the car has improved greatly compared to last year. Next year we had back to Fehring wich is a clay-surface track wich will suit the Ultrons kit better. See you guys in 2018 !

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